Best Magazine Themes for WordPress

The first thing that floats to one’s mind while exploring online websites is definitely the design that it has. If a website were to have an outdated look of simplistic HTML coding, one wouldn’t tend to stay on it for very long. That’s the reason why WordPress, a website that offers a variety of tools for clients to build a website of their own, chooses to have so many themes available. Some require money whereas some are free.

Magazine WordPress themes are stylish and simplistic, being user-friendly and most of the time, intuitive. Most of these themes are paid, as they offer support, updates and are generally easier to use.  Here are the best magazine themes for WordPress.

Master Blog

As the name suggests, Master Blog is one of the most feature rich of themes all responsive WordPress themes. It is a neatly designed minimal theme from RichWP that is perfect for designing both personal blogs and professional websites. It has a modernistic design that includes large typography and big bold image that gives your content that extra special edge. Master Blog also has an array of enticing features which includes sticky navigation menu, optional feature posts section, fading navigation buttons, useful custom templates, support for WordPress post formats, options to add your logo to the blog and various widget areas throughout the theme.  Here is video that shows all of the stunning features.


On another note, there is the stunning and professional looking Compass theme by WPZOOM. This theme is definitely targeted towards those who prefer a more polished look. It is extremely easy to navigate to find exactly what you are looking for. This is great news not only for the owner, but for the client. The breaking-news bar at the top of the theme also helps to make the website look more credible all while pulling attention. It does exactly what it is intended to: convey news and posts.


Lastly, the theme Onfleek by Dahz theme has a name that fits it well. It is stunning to the eye and very in style with what we’d call the “hipster” culture and way of life. It also has the revolution slider like the first theme, Brixton as it helps create that “pop” effect. Once again, this theme is very customizable, not a luxury that is available in WordPress’s free themes. It’s also easy to navigate and install, permitting the author of the website to start posting right away. Support is also once again available in order to keep the theme optimized and up to date with all of the new technological advancements and updates. Onfleek also has multiple different black and white styles available to choose from.

To wrap it all up, these magazine themes are all very stylish and offer a mobile version, rendering the website which is making use of it, available for everyone to access with ease.

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