Building Websites that Convert

Your website is only as good as the number of visitors you can attract and convert.  Getting traffic that converts and is no easy task, which is why you need a website that is well built and convert.  Here are some tips to help you develop a website that converts and makes your business money.

Ditch the Sliders

Sliders can create a lot of options on your website that you can use to engage your visitors.  This probably sounds like a good thing, but it isn’t.  They serve as a distraction more than anything, and they are pretty horrible for SEO purposes.  Phase them out entirely and it will help your visitors navigate your site and it won’t distract them from calls to action and the things you want them to do.

Instead use the header space for a static design that highlights your brand.  Your visitors can scroll through your site easily and ensure that your website is clearly defined from the front of the home page.

Make Navigation Easy

Website visitors want to be able to scroll through your site, find your products and services and simply have a look around and see what interests them.  If your setup is too complicated they are gone and probably won’t be back.  It shouldn’t take more than 3 clicks to find anything they are looking for, so make your navigation as simple as possible.

Reduce the number of items on the navigation menu, use sub menus instead so your site doesn’t look cluttered.

It Must be Responsive

Responsive design it a must and if you’re site is not mobile friendly then kiss your traffic good bye.  Google has put increasing pressure on web developers over the years to embrace responsive design and now with things like AMP technology, you can’t afford to overlook mobile browsers.  Make sure all of your images are optimized, the menus are mobile friendly and don’t forget the load time.


Use fonts sparingly and using the right font sizes will work wonders to keep your readers engaged.  It can keep the attention of your visitor while still focusing on your content.  Use larger font sizes especially on the home page, it should blend well with the design of your site. Fonts that are too small are too hard to read and will alienate visitors.

A professional web developer can help you build a site according to solid web design principles that will convert browsers into customers.

Written by admin