Our Church Website is a Success

I have dabbled in web design here and there through the years. I have a family website that we all enjoy since we can share pictures, news and memories there with one another. My pastor has been on the family website, so he asked me if I could make one for the church too. While I was honored that he asked me, I knew that I did not have the proper skills to do that. Instead, I told him about a Toronto web design firm that did my brother’s website for his charter business.

My pastor looked at my brother’s website, and he was really impressed. Even though I could not put together the website on my own, he still asked me if I would be the middle man for it. He told me everything that he wanted for the site, so I called and talked to one of the partners of the firm that my brother used. The reason why I did not feel qualified to do the website on my own is because of the different things that we wanted on the church website. We stream our services live, we collect tithes and offerings, and we also have a bulletin board where parishioners can put prayer requests or even chicken casserole recipes if they want.

I have a bulletin board on mine, but I know nothing about collecting tithes and offerings on a website or streaming live services and then archiving them. I knew that I would need to learn how to do it once the site was built, but that is the easy part. The web design firm that we hired for the church website did an amazing job. We have a lot of interactive parts to the site, and it has been a huge hit with both the congregation as well as the community at large.

Written by Mike