Really Delivered for My Business

Once the money started pouring in for my news site, I looked into finding an app developer. The reason I needed an app for my site is because I use a well known social media platform to funnel visitors to my website, and this platform doesn’t like the type of news and opinion I deliver to my viewers. In fact, they hate it. So what they do is constantly change their rules on a daily basis so they can block access to my articles on their platform. They won’t ban me because that looks bad, so they block views instead.

I decided to get around this obstruction by getting an app that I could have my visitors download and thus they can see all my content without having to go through the social media site. My problem is that I am older and know nothing about apps. I’ve used them, of course, but creating one? I have no idea how that works. So I went online and did a lot of research into companies that make them. I wanted a very professional outfit who could take my ideas about what I need and turn them into an app that functions well.

I found the company and we talked about what my plans were and how I wanted the app to work. They came back with what I thought was an incredibly quick development time. I thought they might be putting the cart in front of the horse, but sure enough they delivered. I think it’s because my app is pretty basic. It is, but they still did a great job with it. It runs like a dream and I haven’t had a single problem. The best thing is that I’ve been monitoring my traffic and I can tell a lot of people are definitely switching over to it! Success!

Written by Mike